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Bobby P. Daltry, Jr. : Songwriter
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What's New?
FRONTERZ!: My song, "Dancing In The Arms Of Love" is NOW in the DVD just released on February 14 of the movie "Fronterz", starring Reno Wilson, Henry Winkler, Ted Danson, and Blair Underwood.  It is in the scene on the beach. Check it out! It is too cool. The website is
Recently a quarter finalist in the International Songwriting Competion for 'Every Bit Of Me" and a runner-up in the Song Of The Year 2005 competition for my hot dance tune "Be Naughty!" - see link
SONG University----- Currently taking course online at at Song U...had 8 songs to date already nominated for "Best Song of 2005" and 3 songs get MAJOR interest from the "Spin & Pitch" submissions. Check out my "yearbook" page at:
Currently charting on's TOP 10 for R&B, R&B soul, Country, Region-Oregon, and Region- Northwest and Religious Country Top Ten among others.
Currently has a song, "This Heart Filled With Love," forward by Taxi for consideration on an album by an up-and-coming new group just signed to a major label. I am still waiting to hear from this one, so keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!
I am gearing up to collaborate on an R&B tune with Boston-based songwriter Darcie "...Ask Darcie" Wicknick (once our schedules line up!) More soon...
"Writing a song is easy. We've all heard 'throwaway' songs that come and go in the charts which are soon forgotten. However, writing classic songs that are timeless is a rare artform. It is about quality, not quantity - It is about the same song having different meanings to different people - It is about a song that appeals to all age groups from a pauper to a king - It is about a song that can instantly conjure an image in your head and evoke a tear or a smile.

Bobby Daltry quite simply has this ability and craft, which shine through in his songs. Unfortunately, the music business today relies on 'who you know' for it's contacts. Bobby's songs deserve to be heard, for given the right treatment and the right artist, there is no reason why the world should not be treated to experience them."
GUY PHETHEAN, London, United Kingdom

Keyboardist for Robert Palmer, Tony Hadley, Paul Young & Limahl.

Composer Credits: Limahl, Jaki Graham, Peter Andre and members of Level 42

Part of a production team with remixes on three UK No.1 singles